Dear Colleague: It is a pleasure to announce that the 7th International Conference on Composites Testing and Model Identification (CompTest 2015) will be held at the IMDEA Materials Institute (Getafe, Madrid) in April 8-10, 2015. This conference will be a meeting point where reputed scientists and engineers working in testing, characterization, modelling and simulation of structural composites will share their ideas in a common discussion framework. Model identification and validation with advanced experimental techniques as well as recent constitutive developments for novel structural composites are welcome for the promotion of an enriched technical discussion. All composite materials will be addressed (polymer, cement, ceramic, metallic matrices, carbon, glass, boron, natural fibres, wood). Apart from the large general conferences on composite materials and structures (ICCM, ECCM, ICCS), there are very few occasions to exchange information on the topic of composites testing and model identification. The single session format of the conference is to provide a unique opportunity for an informal and focused scientific exchange on the topic.

Special Issue of Composites, Part A


We are planning to launch a special issue of Composites Part A based on a selection of high-quality contributions to COMPTEST2015. Selection will be based on the quality of the contributions as assessed by the Scientific Committee of the conference. The publication process will follow the standard procedures of the journal. The selected authors will be invited to submit a full paper a few days after the conference. We are planning to open the paper submission up to July 2015.