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Keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Stepan V. Lomov, Department MTM, KU Leuven (Belgium)
  • Dr. José Sánchez, Airbus Operations, Spain
  • Dr. Endel V. Iarve, Research Engineer and Advanced Composites Analytics, University of Dayton Research Institute, USA

Stepan V. Lomov

Professor, Department MTM, KU Leuven (Belgium)

Co-ordinates the reseach in the Composite Materials Group and leads the “composites on meso- and macro-level” research direction:

  • textiles and textile composites
  • random fibre composites (short and long fibres)
  • mechanics of heterogeneous media
  • modelling and exprerimental studies of mechanical behaviour of composites under static and dynamic loading
  • composite manufacturing, especially forming and impregnation

Prof Lomov is KU Leuven co-ordinator of national and European funded projects with total funding about €1.5 mio per year, and projects directly funded by industry (Asco, Bekaert, Dow, EADS, LMS, Owens Corning, Snecma, Telene, Toray etc). The software WiseTex developed by S.V. Lomov, is used in more that 40 universities and companies.

Prof Lomov is a (co)author of more than 400 scientific papers, including some 140 in SCI journals. He is a member of editorial boards of Composite Science and Technology, Textile Research Journal, Mechanics and Industry, and a member of scientific committees of ECCM, ESAFORM, TexComp, CompTest, FPCM conferences.

José Sánchez

Responsible of composite material process area in Airbus Operations, Spain

Dr. José Sánchez Gómez is responsible of composite material process area in Airbus Operations Spain. He has more than 30 years of experience in Airbus programs: A-300, A-310, A-320 (A-318, A-319, A-321), A330, A340, A-380. Responsible for the selection and qualification of non-metallic materials (Composites, Plastics, Adhesives, Rubbers, Sealants, Paints…), standardization of materials, Processes and Test Methods, Testing Procedures Development in Airbus Spain. Inventor of eight patents of applications of composite materials and processes to aircraft structures.

Endel V. Iarve

Research Engineer and Advanced Composites Analytics, University of Dayton Research Institute, USA

Distinguished Research Engineer and Advanced Composites Analytics Group Leader at the University of Dayton Research Institute, received his B.S. and M.S. in Physics from Latvian State University in Riga, Latvia in 1983 and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the Saint Petersburg University, Saint Petersburg, Russia in 1989.

Career research is focused on understanding and computational modeling of deformation and failure mechanisms of current and emerging composite materials. Recent research interests are in the area of Integrated Computational Materials Science and Engineering bringing together manufacturing and performance aspects of advanced composite materials. In the 80’s Iarve was among pioneers in application of B-spline approximation to stress analysis in laminated composites including dynamic problems and impact loading. Research areas included refined plate and shell theories, biomimetics, composite repair, composite bolted joints, chopped fiber composites and textile composites. Recent developments include Discrete Damage Modeling methodologies for laminated composites under broad range of loading conditions including compression and fatigue. His research was funded by Air Force, NASA and other government adjacencies and industry.

He is a member of ASME, AIAA and American Society for Composites. Dr. Iarve served on the ASME Joining Committee including Chair position 2008-2010.